Boldly challenging the status quo and many years of diversity and inclusion practices, May Snowden and Fred Davis are construction engineers of foundational business principles for designing and executing a successful Diversity & Inclusion initiative.  Without a solid foundation, that is stronger than any storm, management change, or merger; contemporary and innovative next generation ideas have no foundational support. 

Speech Topics

  • Diversity is Nothing New:  An Historical and Contemporary Perspective of Diversity
  • Creating and Sustaining a Diversity & Inclusion Culture
  • Does Diversity & Inclusion Still Matter?
  • Barriers to Achieving a Diverse & Inclusive Culture and What to Do About It
  • The Framework for a Successful D&I Initiative
  • The Steps Multinational Corporations Take to Avoid Diversity Crisis and The Key to Growth & Expansion in the Marketplace
  • Diversity Pays Off-When Effectively Lead and Executed
  • Walking the D&I Talk
  • Recruiting, Retaining and Developing an Inclusive Team
  • Creating and Sustaining a Comprehensive Business Diversity Plan (Customized for Education, Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations)
  • The New Diversity and Your Role in It (For High School and College Students)
  • How to Succeed as a Woman Inclusive Leader
  • Engaging White Men and Allies as Supporters
  • Why Gratitude Matters
  • The Power of Vision
  • Leading Inclusively for a Better Tomorrow